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With over five years experience filming standard video conferencing, we knew the only way forward for our clients, was to live stream their conferences. Now our clients who range from small companies to large corporations continue to live stream their corporate events every year. Our most common customer feedback is that live streaming their event saves them on loss of increasing the size of the production and expenses on flying out of state employees to attend the conference.

As a live stream conference provider we know the importance of making sure the live production will run as smooth and efficient as possible. We achieve this by using the latest high definition camera equipment, then ingest this directly into our streaming hardware to produce a live conference production.

Additionally we can shoot the live stream conference using multiple cameras, then ingest either the presenter and speakers name, company logo and incorporate a live question and answer via our online chat system. The live production can then be viewed by your employee or colleagues on any device, be it phone tablet or computer

Go live not only produce their live Conference in Sydney, but we can live stream conferences in Brisbane, Adelaide , Canberra , and Perth. Get in contact with the Sydney live stream conference provider Go Live Australia today for a free quote.