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  • 5 x HDSDI/HDMI Inputs
  • 1 x HDSDI/HDMI Output
  • 2 x Balanced XLR inputs
  • 20 Hours of broadcast quality recording (ISO)
  • Built-in bonded transmission
  • Analog audio in
  • 3 x Graphics tracks
  • Runs windows 8
  • Built – in live streaming
  • Custom carry bag
  • Studio keyboard and mouse


  • One day $ 550 Inc GST
  • Two days $ 1050 Inc GST
  • Seven days $ 3500 Inc GST
  • Consultancy (Enquire via contact page)

Want to shoot a Live Production and look like a Pro?We hire lightweight portable commercial turnkey switching solutions for you to set up and Go live to an Internet platform of your choice from any location.

Our turnkey live switching machines use the live stream studio software that is an-easy to use switching software for audio and visual productions.

This software allows you to ingest graphics, branding, watermark and lower thirds over a video and audio feed that has been brought into the machine either through an SDI or HDMI input.

Go live rental production machines allow you to input two balanced audio XLR inputs and up to five cameras which gives you the option of choosing multiple cameras angles to capture the best vision for your event.

Allowing you the option to cut to the camera with the best shot during the live video stream and not going live with a camera out of focus or a shot out range.

When you can switch to the camera with the best shot, you produce a quality professional production for yourself or client.

And remember you only get once chance to go live, so take the stress out it and hire a live production machine.


We will create a personal embed code for you to embed into your site or platform of choice (including Facebook or other social media networks). When the embed code is placed into your site, this code will become a media player.

This media player will host the live production once your live production is sent through the cellular network from our live switching machines. At the end of your event the live player will become an on demand player once your event is completed. Additionally you can ingest this same production and go live at the same time on multiple social media platforms to gain maximum exposure.

Portal switching machines come with a portable carry bag, pelican case and live stream studio keyboard and mouse. All cellular connectivity devices are provided.

Check out our Rental page or click on the link for instruction on how to hire our live switching machines.