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6 Benefits of Live webcasting

Live Webcasting can generate a bigger audience Any event has geographical and physical restrictions no matter where it is. live webcasting events with content makes it accessible to a worldwide audience. This means that your attendance numbers can far exceed a physical event by additionally live webcasting your event, making the possibilities endless.   Scheduled Live Webcasting gives your content urgency and importance If your holding a one time only event your live webcasting becomes a rare and urgent event. Online users take passive action towards content they can access on a regular basis, but if your live webcasting is only available at one moment in time, its urgency can create quite a stir on the web.   Live Webcasting can encourage...
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Ford CEO Graeme Whickman,Pic Ford Australia

Future with Ford live on Twitter & periscope in Melbourne 2017

Live with Ford recently in Melbourne at the prestigious Melbourne Museum, they had over two hundred people in attendance for the Future with Ford conference. The conference discussed the future of automobiles and the likely road ahead for the industry. The speakers included Ford CEO Graeme Whickman, former politician Jeff Kennet and Biomedical Engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen who discussed the research and innovation Ford are putting in to their cars and what they see are the needs for the public. Innovations include fuel efficient and Self-driving cars and how these will benefit disabled and elderly people in the future. Ford is going to great lengths to engineer and invent cars to suit the needs for the greater community. With only two hundred people in the...
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VIVID Sydney 2017 Program announcement Goes Live on Facebook

Vivid Sydney festival is about lights, music and ideas. The festival spans over twenty-three days and features some of the world’s most important creative industry forums. These exhibitions are free to the public and consist of outdoor lighting shows, sculptures and contemporary music programs that run over the three-week period. Vivid Sydney is where art, technology and commerce come together. To kick off the festival, Go Live Australia came on board and live streamed the official program announcement about the festival via the Vivid Sydney Facebook Page, this notified followers what the festival guide contains and what to look forward too. For this Facebook Live production we set up two cameras and ingested these feeds into the switcher and mixed...
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Midnight Oil Facebook Live stream Press release

1980’s Australian rock band Midnight Oil announced on Friday the 17th of February their first world tour in over two decades. The world tour called the Great Circle 2017 was announced in true rock star style on the back of large a wooden passenger boat on the Sydney Harbour. With their backs facing the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House, camera men and reporters faced the band on the upper deck platform and asked detailed questions about their up and coming tour and CD release. This tour, which is due to start in mid April, will kick off at a smaller intimate local pub (with details to be announced later) then continue their live shows around the world at over 30 locations including Sao Paulo, LA, London and Paris. They will be playing at festivals...
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East Coast Church have been livestreaming for church members unable to attend

We have been helping East coast Church’s livestreaming department for over 2 years now with livestreaming their service each week. This is for members who are unable to attend from not only Australia but also around the world. The goal for the East Coast Australia live streaming team is not to gain the highest number of viewers each week but to make the services available to everyone from the congregation who is unable to attend.. The livestreaming department has received feedback from members of the church as well as potential new members who have expressed their appreciation for the online service, this allows for anyone to attend be it through illness, personal circumstances or attending to loved ones in their time of need. The feedback has been...
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Live Stream Your Event in Australia

Our Live stream services goes all over the Country!

Go Live Australia Provides Live Stream Services in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth No matter where your event is held, we can travel to you and go live from anywhere around the country – wherever you need us, we will be there to live stream your event. Our live stream services department will organise everything including videographers, live stream switcher operators and audio technicians to live stream your event. With our portable equipment, we can live stream from any location no job is too far away or too remote, we cater for live streaming events in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Recently we held a live streaming event for an organisation that needed to live stream from seven individual locations...
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Live webcasting Project ZERO dance party on New Years Eve

Go Live Australia Provided Live Webcasting Services to ZERO Dance Party on New Years Eve Project Zero organized and operated by Genesis Industries, enquired about our live webcasting services at the end of last year wanting to live webcast a dance party on New Years Eve at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion. The D.J. line-up consisted of D.J. royalties such Andrew Rayel, Cosmic Gate and Ferry Corsten, to name a couple of the talented acts. Over five thousand tickets were sold for this event and with a strong online following via their website and social media platforms. Genesis wanted to Live Webcast this event to increases their exposure to people from outer state, overseas or anyone unable to attend on the night. To achieve maximum exposure Genesis posted...
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Live Webcasting for Interrelate

Live webcasting from eight locations is possible

Go Live Australia Live Webcast Interrelate that included 8 locations streaming together for one production We recently undertook a Live webcasting project for Interrelate that included 8 locations streaming together for one production. Interrelate are a relationship remediation institute who reached out to Go live to enquire about partnering with them for their 90th birthday party celebration. They wanted a live webcasting solution to allow for their 8 sites as all 8 sites had separate productions and videos that needed to be included. Each remote location had about 50 attendees who together presented individual 5 min presentations. Each presentation was sent back to the Bella vista main site in Sydney were we had a team of 3 live stream professionals...
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Live Streaming Coca-Cola CCA Summer Road Show


Go Live Australia Live Stream Coca-Cola CCA Summer Road Show 2016/2017 Live streaming the Coca Cola Annual (CCA) road show across Australia was a new cost effective way for the CCA event to be managed. The purpose of livestreaming was for the marketing department of each Coca-Cola branch both nationally and globally to watch the road show via our our live stream platform as if they were attending in person. This gave them the ability to watch the live stream that included various show reels of how Coca Cola had partnered with labels including Sprite, Fanta, Mount Franklin and other brands. Broadway Hoyts in Sydney was the location for the Live Stream production. The idea for livestreaming came about as the cinema was filled to capacity and wasn’t able...
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Over ‘500,000K’ Views on Facebook Live for Optus campaign

We have been getting a lot of interest in social media and companies alike enquiring about Facebook live and how they can live stream a production on the world’s largest social media platform. What is Facebook live you ask? Generally it’s the same as a media player on your Facebook page but it’s live. What are the benefits of Live streaming on Facebook Live? 1 - Host the live production on your home page, bringing enormous amounts of social traffic to your page. 2 - Make it public in the live feed for followers and people interested to view the media player 3 - Followers and viewers can share the live feed on their page, which increases your exposure considerably 4 - Increases more traffic and like’s on your page 5 - Bring attention to your company’s...
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