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Marlo Hire our live streaming services for international event

Marlo Hoogstraten or known on stage as MaRLo is a Dutch DJ, Producer and Electronic Musician. As part of his Altitude 2017 world tour he came to Sydney to perform at the Hordern Pavilion. The Go Live Australia team were called in to handle the live event for his website and Facebook page. Streaming to both his website and Facebook page was simple by using the Teradek bond unit, which can simultaneously stream to both Facebook and Marlo’s website. This unit allows us to bond together multiple Telstra 4G Internet connections to create the strongest network, even out of the full-attended venue. For Camera positioning, we placed two cameras at the rear of the venue with operators, one above the DJ decks, a roving camera operated by one of our staff, plus...
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Live webcasting and your Return on investment (ROI)

If your audience can’t make your event, they now expect to be able to participate in the Live webcasting of the event on either your website or another website. Live webcasting is increasingly becoming an expectation of any event. In the busy world we live in there are thousands of reasons your viewers can not attend an event in person. This is not a reason to lose them as a client or as an attendee even as a virtual attendee. Whether the reason is work or family commitments, time restrictions, cost restrictions we can help you break down these barriers and still have these people attend your event. By using our live webcasting services for your event, you are allowing everyone to attend. Additionally with features such as live Q&A the viewer can...
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Live webcasting the Baby Driver premier on Facebook – Location: Event cinema’s Sydney

Event Cinema’s and Sony Pictures held the Baby Driver premier in Sydney at the beginning of July. The red carpet event was catered for fans and VIP guest of Edgar Wright, the Director of Baby Driver. The stars where out to walk the red carpet including the main characters Ansel Elgort, Lily James and director Edgar Wright along with the director of Mad Max Dr George Miller who turned up to show his support. The fans turned up in the thousands to see the much-anticipated movie and their stars walk the red carpet. The movie received a high rating of 98% on the website of on one of the most critical movie reviewers Rotten Tomato. How do we reach the fans that can’t attend, how do we build excitement about this movie, this is a question Sony was asking....
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Live Pay per View

One of the benefits in not only livestreaming but using Go live Australia to live stream your next event is the ability to expand your reach from a limited amount of seats in a single venue, to a global audience with unlimited potential. You may ask how? Can I afford this? How much time will it take? These are the common questions asked, and livestreaming doesn’t have to be out of your reach. Our professional live video streaming service allows Go Live Australia to Live stream an event with unlimited viewing potential, this means there is no limit to the amount of people you can reach. Meaning your Livestream event, will gain maximum exposure to your brand. Need to monetise your event? We can create a live streaming event Pay Per View – meaning people...
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Foodiful upgrades to 4k quality and gains a large amount of views on Facebook live

The Foodiful motto is ‘making food as simple as …. find, shop, cook’. This slogan epitomizes the online chef industry and specifically those with a social presence. Live streaming via these social platforms has given these online chefs a new and immediate avenue to reach their audiences and build their following. These live stream productions have helped these online chefs build their brand and following by sharing delicious recipes via social media platforms and specifically Facebook Live. This year foodiful has taken the step to start hosting a series of live stream production on Facebook via Facebook Live for over 160,00 of their followers. The response has been fantastic. This was definitely a positive move as statistics show that Live streaming...
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Live streaming services

Are you looking for innovative ways to launch a new product or to boost your brand? At Go Live Australia our live streaming services are the perfect channel for today’s technology era. Our live event streaming team are one of the most experienced in the industry with a combined total of 50 years experience in filming and production across multiple industries including media, sports, corporate, the arts – essentially anything and everything is being livestreamed. Whatever your needs our live streaming company can help assist you with your next live production. Our live streaming services provides you with the opportunity to reach multiple markets segments, across multiple geographical locations. In the traditional event arena you are limited to the...
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Connecting international doctors via the Skype Talkshow VS4000

Think real time, real vision, real conversations this is what the Skype Talkshow VS4000 can do for you. The Skype TX is a Professional High Definition (HD) multi – channel video calling system that is designed to connect you and your guest with up to 4 external remote speakers/guest from all over the world in real time, regardless of the location. The most exciting thing about this system is that you are no longer limited to having speakers who can attend your event in person. You can literally have any speaker from anywhere around the world. This technology allows us to bring the speaker/guest into the room of the conference and ingest the feed into a professional live streaming production that you are hosting. We can add their powerpoint, graphics...
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Live Webcasting

As you would know technology is moving forward rapidly, what was ground breaking two or three years ago has now become common technology. At Go Live Australia we are knowledgably  when it comes to new equipment and keep up to date with all the latest aspects of the live webcasting service industry requirements. Our new equipment to service your live webcasting needs include the latest Panasonic 4k cameras. These cameras will provide your live webcast with the highest-grade picture available, so your viewers will associate your brand with being professional and high quality. This was the case for a Live webcast we recently did for a hair stylist brand that was part of the 2017 Sydney Hair Expo. For this Sydney event we used our latest 4k broadcast cameras...
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HRH Prince Harry speaking at the launch of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 4 (1)

Prince Harry announces the 500 Day Countdown for 2018 the Invitcus games held in Australia.

It’s not every day, you get to meet a member of the royal family. But when Prince Harry came to Australia to announce the opening of the 2018 Invitcus games, This was the opportunity for our team to do just that! The reason behind the visit was to announce the 500 Day Countdown for the Sydney 2018 Invictus games. These games are for veteran soldiers that have been wounded in battle or suffering from mental illnesses/injuries due to war. To cover all media marketing platforms, besides being only televised on the large networks, Invitcus wanted to stream the announcement on Facebook by a professional live video streaming company. This was for followers, or any other traffic on the largest social media platform, to be part of the countdown. The announcement...
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Sydney Writers Festival Go live in 4k to stream to regional locations

Go Live Australia provided live webcasting service for the 2017 Sydney Writers Festival at the Walsh Bay Roslyn Packer Theatre Sydney. This Sydney live webcasting event involved a multiple camera set-up; which included one positioned at the side of the stage, two-manned cameras amongst the crowd and an automatic PTZ camera in the center for the option of multiple wide angles. This year we increased the picture quality of the Live Webcasting production of the festival by using Panasonic’s latest 4k cameras to gain a superior picture quality, which was more suitable for the theatre’s dark environment. Go Live Australia webcasting services are specialists when it comes to troubleshooting, especially this type of production and will go the extra mile...
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