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Increases your audience when you stream your event live!

The increase in the use of live video is astounding, and a multitude of organizations are jumping on board before they miss out. Live video is being used more than ever as an integral part of the communication for a specific event or marketing occasion. Corporates, marketers, educators are just a few of the professionals that are benefitting from our live video solutions. This blog will give you an understanding of how we can live to stream your event, plus explain the benefits that come from going live. Getting Ready to live stream your event. When the date is getting closer go live, you need to think about where you would like to live stream your event. This could be from the office, oval, theatre or any location of your choice. When selecting the...
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2017 Women Weekly Women of the future awards

Austalian women’s weekly hosted the women of the year awards in Sydney for Australia’s most inspiring young women who are working towards changing the the world in their own way. It is now in it’s fifth year, the awards continue to encourage young women between 18 and 34 who are implementing ideas within their business or chosen field in a positive way with the view to changing the world. Go Live Australia live streamed this event to grow awareness around the amazing achievements of these young women. At the Sydney event contendors included an astrophysics student who mentor young Indigenous people, a tampon company that distributes to homeless women, a medical research scientist and a company that creates therapy backpacks for children with autism....
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Partnering With NAWO

Go live partnered with NAWO to host a live streaming event in one of Melbourne's regional towns Shepparton. The purpose of the event and the reason behind turning it into a live streaming event was and is to grow female talent regionally throughout Australia. There are multiple challenges womeon face in the workplace, this live streaming event focused on 2 of these key challenges, finding employers to attract and to then retrain women in key operational roles in business. Our Professional live streaming services helped NAWO members who were not able to attend the event to still be able to be a part of the event through our live digital platform. If you would like to hold a similar live event and stream your event live through multiple channels. Get in...
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Go Live Australia is Now Renting

Go Live Australia are now renting leading edge live streaming video cameras and live streaming production switchers for any event or occasion! If you need equipment that will be reliable, easy to set up and hassle free! Our Camera and live production switcher rental company in Sydney is available seven days a week and we rent Australia wide. We hire quality High Definition (HD) cameras and Production switchers for either one-day, weekly or an extended period hire. Additionally if you need to hire supporting camera video equipment including tripods, production switchers, bonded cellular devices and cabling for a camera feed to be ingested into the Production switcher. We can hire the accessories needed for a Live Production. If you have budgets constrained?...
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Engage with your Audience Live through social media

Do you have a large following through social media? Site’s like Facebook have live marketing tools that you can utilize to make the most of your following. Social media sites like Facebook are a perfect example’s of how you can use a Facebook Live Event to take advantage of your existing followers and drive more traffic through your site. Recently a survey conducted via Facebook, confirmed that Facebook is the largest social media platform housing over 2 billion registered users with over 1 billion of these being , Facebook Live is an untapped resource by many organisations, but the response from those that use it is phenomenal and the engagement from viewers increases dramatically (Source Facebook) With every live event, whether it’s on a social...
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One of our Clients Water Polo Australia

our Live streaming services go national

At Go Live Australia our live streaming services span across the country. Wherever you want to live stream from we can help you. Amazing you say! How do you do it? Is it reliable? These are common questions that are asked. The answer is that the equipment we use for our live streaming productions is portable and compact allowing us to travel anywhere you require and produce your live stream production. Over the last 5 years, Go Live has been live streaming events in Adelaide, Northern Territory, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. With numerous years of experience travelling and relocating in different locations, we are experts in quick and remote set-ups and have gotten the equipment logistics down to a fine art. Does this restrict the capabilities you...
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Marlo Hire our live streaming services for international event

Marlo Hoogstraten or known on stage as MaRLo is a Dutch DJ, Producer and Electronic Musician. As part of his Altitude 2017 world tour he came to Sydney to perform at the Hordern Pavilion. The Go Live Australia team were called in to handle the live event for his website and Facebook page. Streaming to both his website and Facebook page was simple by using the Teradek bond unit, which can simultaneously stream to both Facebook and Marlo’s website. This unit allows us to bond together multiple Telstra 4G Internet connections to create the strongest network, even out of the full-attended venue. For Camera positioning, we placed two cameras at the rear of the venue with operators, one above the DJ decks, a roving camera operated by one of our staff, plus...
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Live webcasting and your Return on investment (ROI)

If your audience can’t make your event, they now expect to be able to participate in the Live webcasting of the event on either your website or another website. Live webcasting is increasingly becoming an expectation of any event. In the busy world we live in there are thousands of reasons your viewers can not attend an event in person. This is not a reason to lose them as a client or as an attendee even as a virtual attendee. Whether the reason is work or family commitments, time restrictions, cost restrictions we can help you break down these barriers and still have these people attend your event. By using our live webcasting services for your event, you are allowing everyone to attend. Additionally with features such as live Q&A the viewer can...
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Live webcasting the Baby Driver premier on Facebook – Location: Event cinema’s Sydney

Event Cinema’s and Sony Pictures held the Baby Driver premier in Sydney at the beginning of July. The red carpet event was catered for fans and VIP guest of Edgar Wright, the Director of Baby Driver. The stars where out to walk the red carpet including the main characters Ansel Elgort, Lily James and director Edgar Wright along with the director of Mad Max Dr George Miller who turned up to show his support. The fans turned up in the thousands to see the much-anticipated movie and their stars walk the red carpet. The movie received a high rating of 98% on the website of on one of the most critical movie reviewers Rotten Tomato. How do we reach the fans that can’t attend, how do we build excitement about this movie, this is a question Sony was asking....
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Live Pay per View

One of the benefits in not only livestreaming but using Go live Australia to live stream your next event is the ability to expand your reach from a limited amount of seats in a single venue, to a global audience with unlimited potential. You may ask how? Can I afford this? How much time will it take? These are the common questions asked, and livestreaming doesn’t have to be out of your reach. Our professional live video streaming service allows Go Live Australia to Live stream an event with unlimited viewing potential, this means there is no limit to the amount of people you can reach. Meaning your Livestream event, will gain maximum exposure to your brand. Need to monetise your event? We can create a live streaming event Pay Per View – meaning people...
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